Born in 1984, fascinated by computers, I spend a lot of time in front of them (since my first 386). As I grew in this fast paced digital age, I started to learn & use the available digital tools to materialize my ideas. I have a fetish for aesthetics, photography, gadgets, among other things. I really enjoy, driving, swimming, biking, good food, wine & the other usual small things in life. I love life, people & whenever I can, I seek the company of my friends.

As for the design idea for the page, it came when I was changing a role of tp a couple of years ago. Wipes the problem of advertising :)

I wanted something that breaks the trend, something simple. Easy to navigate. Something that visitors will hopefully not forget, as soon as they close the tab.

You can view my linkedIN profile by clicking here.

Hope life is treating you well, Cheers!